What are Mark Sanderson’s Goals if elected to Castle Hills City Council?

To the question, how should our city be managed and operated I have a few thoughts. In our city governance type, city council/city manager, the city manager should report to council and all employees should report to the city manager. Is that happening now? I have my doubts. I believe that we should encourage and enforce a chain of command so that issues can be efficiently handled. I believe that we should right-size all departments, pay better than average and …

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Why I am Running For City Council

Greetings! I just wanted to start off my candidacy site with a new post with an explanation as to why I’m running for City Council in Castle Hills. When I first moved to Castle Hills, TX I thought the the ‘gentleman’ behind me was a retired person not fully able to maintain his property. What I found out was much more disturbing.

In a residentially zoned neighborhood, he ran, for at least 23 years (fact supported in part by the State Tax Permit he maintained for …

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Campaign Yard Sign Volunteers Wanted!

Itching to get into the fight? Want to help influence your neighbors? If you’d really like to help Mark’s campaign, then volunteering your yard for a sign would be great help. Don’t worry, it won’t be there long and I’ll pick it up as soon as the elections are over. Thanks for the help! Click here to send an email volunteering your yard for a sign. Add your address and press send and I’ll put your yard on the …

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Photos From The Sanderson’s Easter Egg Hunt

Entertainment, good food, company and drink! And most importantly, the kids had fun! If you missed it this year, try to make it next. And yes, the Pink Poodle is Ava . . .

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Restaurant Drive Through and Booze – Todd Hermans Experience

Thank you Castle HIlls

To those unfamiliar with city business, for the last few months a proposed drink/snacks establishment at the end of North Manton Lane has been a contentious issue. The residents on our street were both unanimous and passionately against this development as it would have a drive thru restaurant spitting traffic onto a residential street full of young school-age children (I have a 3 year old daughter and 6 year old son). In addition to the drive-thru traffic, we later learned that alcohol …

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