Why I am Running For City Council

Greetings! I just wanted to start off my candidacy site with a new post with an explanation as to why I’m running for City Council in Castle Hills. When I first moved to Castle Hills, TX I thought the the ‘gentleman’ behind me was a retired person not fully able to maintain his property. What I found out was much more disturbing.

In a residentially zoned neighborhood, he ran, for at least 23 years (fact supported in part by the State Tax Permit he maintained for …

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What are Mark Sanderson’s Goals if elected to Castle Hills City Council?

To the question, how should our city be managed and operated I have a few thoughts. In our city governance type, city council/city manager, the city manager should report to council and all employees should report to the city manager. Is that happening now? I have my doubts. I believe that we should encourage and enforce a chain of command so that issues can be efficiently handled. I believe that we should right-size all departments, pay better than average and …

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