Why I am Running For City Council

Greetings! I just wanted to start off my candidacy site with a new post with an explanation as to why I’m running for City Council in Castle Hills. When I first moved to Castle Hills, TX I thought the the ‘gentleman’ behind me was a retired person not fully able to maintain his property. What I found out was much more disturbing.

In a residentially zoned neighborhood, he ran, for at least 23 years (fact supported in part by the State Tax Permit he maintained for the entire period save a 4 year lapse in the early 2000’s), a full service automotive repair shop. After going up through Castle Hills chain of command (zoning enforcement and etc) and doing things the right way I had take a different approach. I found that complaints registered by citizens fell on deaf ears. Furthermore, my more aggressive approach (only after being ignored) disturbed many political ‘luminaries’ here in Castle Hills, and I was hit by accusations of being a liar and playing party politics well before I had known anyone here in Castle Hills.
Utilizing the internet, social media, stand-alone websites, city council appearances and lots of telephone work I finally convinced the city we had a real problem here on the South side – illegal residential businesses. No, I’m not talking about music and language lessons ( which are legal) – I’m talking about automotive repair shops, landscaping, rooming/flop houses, truck and vehicle storage and etc. 
After my wife was nearly overwhelmed by parts cleaner fluid in our back yard while caring for our then baby boy – my wife and I took action – and won. This repair shop is no longer in business, and my actions had pushed those in power to upgrade our court system. Our city courts are now ‘Courts of Record’ where, it is my understanding, that injunctions can be issued backed up by the threat of jail. The problem remains is that our zoning, prosecutors and judges are still not aggressive enough in shutting down more of these residential businesses, flop houses, group homes and other illegal endeavors in the middle of our neighborhoods. This must change – now.
I hope to continue this record of success, and I believe that by being elected to city council I might be able have a larger voice in maintaining the unique residential character of our neighborhoods and promote a family-safe environment for all.

Please Support Mark Sanderson for City Council Place Two

Mark Sanderson / 210 848 0661/mark@markforcouncil.org

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Greetings! I live in Castle Hills, TX and am currently running for Alderman Place Two. I am married the love of my life and have the greatest son a father should dream for. Please consider me for your vote this coming election - Thanks!
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