Restaurant Drive Through and Booze – Todd Hermans Experience

Thank you Castle HIlls

To those unfamiliar with city business, for the last few months a proposed drink/snacks establishment at the end of North Manton Lane has been a contentious issue. The residents on our street were both unanimous and passionately against this development as it would have a drive thru restaurant spitting traffic onto a residential street full of young school-age children (I have a 3 year old daughter and 6 year old son). In addition to the drive-thru traffic, we later learned that alcohol would also be sold which further increased concerns for safety.

After writing petitions and organizing our street, we attended the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meetings together and passionately voiced our objections. Further, we then met with each sitting council member, walked the property and discussed suggestions and opinions on the negative effects this business would have on our street. To be as fair and in the interest of compromise, we then requested a meeting with the business owners directly.  Despite all their reassurances, at the next ARC meeting the business owners didn’t honor a SINGLE one of their verbal agreements to address our concerns. But ARC still approved their plan. The final step was sending this to city council for final approval.  Again, all city council members that we met with ASSURED us that they would vote it down on the same issue: TRAFFIC. Well, the meeting was last night and I strongly urge those interested to watch the meeting as the ONLY council members true to their word were Lesley, Douglas, and Skip.

Council members Maretta and Amy were painfully silent during the deliberations and in the end voted AGAINST the residents. This was personally hard for me to watch as I had lengthy meetings with both of them on the matter as well as assurances on their position only to watch it change when it mattered most. If I can, I will post up a link to last night’s meeting so you can watch for yourself. Going against the residents and siding with a business that will degrade the neighborhood is exactly what we DON’T need in Castle Hills.

Original Link to Todd’s Next Door Article. Emphasis and Bolding are Mine. Maretta Scott, who is current Alderman Place Two, is the ‘Maretta’ in bold above. Her vote in this and other matters show a lack of commitment to Castle Hills residential quality of life. Vote Mark Sanderson for Alderman Place Two to help preserve Castle Hill’s residential quality of life.

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Greetings! I live in Castle Hills, TX and am currently running for Alderman Place Two. I am married the love of my life and have the greatest son a father should dream for. Please consider me for your vote this coming election - Thanks!
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